How Does The Process Of Micro Dermabrasion Works?

micro dermabrasion

Achieving a refreshing and smooth skin is not a dream anymore especially in today’s time period because nowadays we have been introduced with such amazing medical inventions that nothing seems to be impossible. Such medical treatments have been introduced that can change the whole look of the person then why can’t there be such a treatment that can remove the scars off your skin. A procedure of skin rejuvenation has been introduced in which the upper most layer of the skin (comprising of dead and tired cells) is removed off with the invasive or minimally invasive methods. It might sound like an awful experience but it is not as it sounds. There are two main types of skin rejuvenation; one is the removal of the skin layer and second is the fixation of the skin layer. Micro dermabrasion is classified under the category of the first type of skin rejuvenation. We will be discussing about the process of microdermabrasion in perth and how it works in this article.

How does the process of micro dermabrasion works?

Micro dermabrasion is the kind of skin rejuvenation in which the skin is revived and refreshed by removing the thick outer lawyer of the skin that is in even and scared. This form of technique uses the spraying of tiny layers of crystals on the skin which rubs off the entire dead cells of the upper most layer. There is another form of almost similar technique which known as dermabrasion but that technique is comparatively aggressive one due to which the skin needs to be numbed with a medicine beforehand. The purpose of this skin treatment is to remove the scars, discoloration, sun burns and stretch marks of the skin. After the process has been done then it starts giving the softer and refresher look.

Mole scan:

Mole is the kind of an outgrowth on your skin that is most commonly pink, tan or brown in colour but it can be colourless as well. In mole scan; either a biopsy is done in which a small portion of the mole is taken out as a sample or the removal of the whole mole is carried out. Even though most of the moles are harmless but some can prove to be as fatal as the causing agent for cancer. This is why it is always recommended to get your mole scanned. 


It has become way easier to achieve the smooth and refreshing skin than ever before. Such medical treatments have been introduced that can remove all your skin flaws and concerns. If you have scars, acne, irregular pigmentations or other such colour spots on your skin then you can get it treated by opting for the process of micro dermabrasion. It is the type of skin rejuvenation that removes the upper most layer of the skin comprising of dead cells. “Med aesthetics” offer the best services of micro dermabrasion and medical scan. For more information visit our website: